Glam Look of the Day: Hajia4Real Serves Beautiful Blond Braids!

Born Mona Faiz Montrage but usually referred to as Hajia4Real, she is a fashionista extraordinaire, an influencer, an entrepreneur, a socialite and a mother among others.

There are a million and one things to love about this African influencer, but she made it to our Look of the Day today, thanks to her lovely braids!

The beautiful blond braids got everyone talking and attracted our attention also. Despite fast becoming a normal trend in Africa – and around the world; you can never go round with braids!

We love the colour of Haija4Real’s braids, the length – and everything there is to love, don’t you agree?

Her celebrity lifestyle, her swag and her unique fashion sense have made her a well-known name in Africa.

Hajia4Real has parlayed her influence and love for looking good into a hot and thriving cosmetics brand called 4Reall Beauty Cosmetics line. Launched at Dzorwulu – a swanky suburb of Accra – Mona is leveraging on her massive social media following to become a successful fashion infleuncer.

Her recent deals with boutiques like C Lux Fashion shows shes making much progress in that field.

Recently, the social media star took to the net to share bodycon goals with her fans and we couldn’t help not extending it to ours.

See the images below.





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