Glam Look of the Day: Eyeliner Trends Inspired by Gigi Hadid and Patrick Ta

Our Glam Look of the Day brings you something totally unexpected and different.

Here’s How To Wear Eyeliner Everywhere But Your Eye Line as inspired by Gigi Hadid and Patrick Ta.

You’ve got the cat eye, the fishtail, the negative space one, and the Cleopatra, which are all original liner looks in their own merit, but can get a bit…boring. (There, we said it!)

Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see influencers to celebrities alike, moving away from the lash line toward new experimental frontiers with eyeliner.

Just last week at Paris Fashion Week, Gigi Hadid and makeup artist Patrick Ta moved the liner from the bottom of the lid to the top, called the floating crease liner look.

Sit back, relax and check out our Glam look of the day!

We know it isn’t what you expected on this segment but we know it will blow your mind!


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