Glam Hot Gists/Rumours: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Set to Return to the UK

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Yes, you heard it here first…and you heard correct! The royal couple, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will return to the UK.

Glamsquad Magazine confirmed from a close and reliable source in the United Kingdom that the couple is facing problems in the United States and are bent on returning to the UK.

You will recall that we reported that the couple got separated from the Royal family in January 2020; and lived briefly in Canada, before moving to the United States.

Well, it appears the American dream isn’t for everyone – or maybe it is just far-fetched!
Surprisingly, despite being a famed actress, Megan moved to the United States with the hope of finding work in Cinema; things have not gone as planned.

It is believed that the coronavirus pandemic – which resulted in the shutting down of cinemas across the world played a huge part in the disappointment.

However, one major issue the couple is battling at the moment is finance. Yes, finance!

Yes, it appears you are not the only one experiencing a financial patch; the Royal couple is currently having issues with finance at the moment also.

The couple did not have government-assigned security in the United States (as they may have expected), so they are paying for their protection and other expenses which have affected their finances.

A close source revealed that the couple has decided to return to the UK – like the biblical story of the prodigal son.

According to the insider, they plan to hold there for a few months until they remove their financial problems.

“Harry missed the English countryside – keep in mind that the Prince and Megan have not taken root since he left the Cottage, Frogmore”, – quotes its source New Idea.

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