Gay Superman: Nollywood Actor Williams Uchemba Sends Strong Warning to Parents

Actor Williams Uchemba warned parents to be exceedingly wary with their children as Disney introduced a new bisexual Superman.

The actor released a statement only hours after Disney revealed that Jon Kent, Earth’s Superman and the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, is bisexual.

Disney’s Jon Kent, Earth’s Superman is bisexual.

In a post on his Instagram account on Tuesday, Uchemba wondered when sexual content in cartoons and comics became popular among children.

He also advised parents to be cautious of the shows their children watch since they learn via their eyes.

“Since when did sexual content start being cool in kids cartoon?

“Parents protect your children at all cost. The enemy is completely out to discipline the ones he can especially through what they watch.

“He knows children hear with their eyes and he has his plans well structured,” he wrote.

See his post below:

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