Gay Professor Uju Anya Says A Lot Of African Lesbians Are Married To Men

Uju Anya/Uju Anya
Uju Anya/Uju Anya

US-based Nigerian researcher and Professor Uju Anya has called out African men who attack her “for being gay.’’

Uju Anya said her message box is filled up with married African women who are lesbians just like her.

She tweeted:

“These men who attack me for being gay, saying it’s not part of African culture, lemme tell you 3 things: 1. Your wives lying in bed next to you in Africa enter my DMs EVERY DAY saying they’re gay and trapped in marriage with you, because family and society gave them no choice.’’

Professor Anya also noted that women in Lagos and Port Harcourt (Nigeria) and Nairobi (Kenya) are her biggest fans.

“Your African wives say they (and many others they know like them especially in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Nairobi) don’t miss a thing I say on Twitter, but can’t openly follow me or like my tweets, because you their African husbands follow me, and they’re afraid you’ll see them.”


She also claimed that married gay African women are the “LARGEST” group that requests anonymous posts when she does matchmaking threads.

“When I do matchmaking threads, gay women married to African men are the LARGEST group asking for anonymous posts not to identify themselves publicly. They even beg me to create threads just for them to find each other. **2nd largest group is married men seeking side chicks.”

Anya urged African people to “stop this “homosexuality is not African” BS and build societies where your own hatred and violence don’t force you to live in lies and misery.”

She also warned anyone “who steps to me with hatred and insults. My block finger is as liberal as my views. And I also regularly run block parties, so I will remove you and all your burner accounts from my life.’’

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