She’s become the fearless and very out spoken,  a trait she shows even when acting.  And she’s not held back especially after her last movie Nate Parker’ birth of a nation,  hunted and flopped due to rape allegations.
White Harper’s Rebecca Carroll,  the 44-year-old gets candid about race, rape, and how she overcame white beauty ideals.

Gabrielle Union will let you know. She is going to go right ahead and tell you about the “bullshit” that comes along with being a black woman in Hollywood: “That sense of being hyper-visible or invisible on sets,” says Union, voicing what many black women feel in our lives and work on a daily basis, but that is perhaps somewhat more heightened in the arrogantly white industry of commercial film and television. She’s kind of over it, actually.

Shots of Gabrielle are very clean and powerful.  And at 44 her black don’t crack,  she’s such a stunner all day. Her hair looks well sleeked and even though they are black and white pictures,  one can still tell how subtle the make up is.

IMG_20161122_092552 IMG_20161122_092606 IMG_20161122_092638 IMG_20161122_092441 IMG_20161122_092502

Photography by James Ryang; Styled by Chrissy Rutherford & Carrie Goldberg; Hair by Takisha Sturdivant-Drew; Makeup byMario Dedivanovic; shot at Splashlight Studios.
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