Fuji musician Pasuma jubilates as daughter becomes US naval officer

Opeyemi Odetola, daughter of Fuji musician Pasuma has become a naval officer in the United States (US).

Pasuma, 53, expressed his joy by sharing a picture of his daughter in her camouflage uniform on Instagram on Wednesday.

He prayed that God would guide her in choosing a career path.

“Congratulations to me, my girl is a Navy now in USA, Opeyemi L’america congrats my dearest daughter, you always make me and your mum proud always.

“May God almighty guide you in your choosing career,” he wrote.

Opeyemi Odetola became an household name in Nigeria among the fuji lovers after Wasiu Odetola praised her in his successful album (Americana) more than 15 years ago.

Opeyemi Odetola is well known among the fuji lovers as Opeyemi L’America due to the countless number of times Pasuma Wonder do praise her name.