Ford’s NEW Mustang Reportedly Gets Familiar Fuel Powered Engines! No EV Version at Launch?

Ford’s next-generation Mustang muscle car will allegedly come with the same engine lineup that has powered past generations of the legendary sports car from the American carmaker.

Ford’s New Mustang

Ford’s NEW Mustang

As per a recent report by Car Buzz, unnamed sources of Ford Authority disclosed the engines that will be powering the next-generation Mustang.

The all-new seventh-generation Mustang is likely to sport two variations – one with a four-cylinder engine and the other variant sporting a powerful and gas-guzzling V8 engine.

The Coyote eight-cylinder engine of the upcoming Mustang comes with 5.0 liters of displacement, whereas the Ecoboost four-cylinder only comes with 2.3 liters.

According to a recent report by Motor1, it has already tried reaching out to the American automaker for any comments regarding early speculations on the upcoming Mustang. But the spokesperson of Ford declined to provide details on its future vehicle.

That said, there is no confirmation that the all-new Ford Mustang is actually featuring the two familiar engine options, namely the Coyote V8 and the EcoBoost. However, it is worth noting that the American automaker also did not deny such claims.

So, it would be best to take the early claims with a grain of salt.

In addition to that, it is still unclear if Ford is going to tweak the performance of the familiar engines that the all-new Mustang will be sporting. So, we are not entirely sure if there are any changes in the horsepower or torque figures of the next-generation muscle car.

Despite that, as per a report by Stuff New Zealand, the all-new Ford sports car could likely feature a V8 engine that could go as high as 339 horsepower and 556Nm of torque.

On the other hand, the four-cylinder engine of the next-gen Mustang could likely flaunt 236 horsepower and 448Nm of torque.

Ford’s NEW Mustang

Ford and V8 Engines

Motor1 noted in its report that the vehicle program director of the Ford Performance and Icons, Ali Jammoul, previously spoke about their future plans on cleaning up its V8 engines.

The Ford vehicle program director said that the carmaker needs to “make the V8 more environmentally friendly.” Not to mention that the gas-guzzling, but powerful engine had to be regulatory compliant.

That said, Jammoul went on to add that it is what consumers could look forward to with the next-generation Mustang.

No Mustang Electric Version at Launch?

CarBuzz said in its report that the seventh-generation Mustang is rumored to be getting a hybrid version later on after launching with a familiar engine lineup. It should be paired with two fuel engines, a four-cylinder, and a V8.


Source – Techtimes

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