As the worlds most influential global business and wealth magazine, the Forbes title has led the way in identifying men and women who through their business acumen, social entrepreneurship and sometimes political position affect positively how we live our daily lives. These individuals are featured in annual or bi-annual lists in the 30, 40, and more common now – 100 “people” category.
Forbes Afrique, covering all Francophone speaking countries on the continent, has just released its bi-annual list of Africa’s 100 Most Influential women. A very comprehensive list from more than 150 million African women on the continent, it features accomplished women from every field, including two African Presidents from Liberia and Mauritius.
Forbes Afrique Magazine
Others on the list include Africa’s only female CEO and owner of a Brewery – Kenya’s Tabitha Karanja, CNN’s Celebrated Anchor Isha Sesay from Sierra Leone, South African actress Charize Theron, music powerhouse Angeique Kidjo from Benin Republic, Academy Award winner Lupita Nyogo of Kenya, and World Economic Forum African director, Tanzania’s Elsie Kanza.
Representing Nigerian on the list are World Bank Vice President Aruma Oteh, BillionaireFolorunsho Alakija, Telecom Executive Funke Opeke, writer Chimamanda Adichie, Standard Chartered bank CEO Bola Adesola, Flying Doctor founder Ola Orekunrin and the youngest person on the list by far, 14 year old Zuriel Oduwole, for her work on Girls Education, Film Making projects, and her recent peace making initiative between the leaders of Guyana and Venezuela at the UN in New York. She believes it is harder for children to go to school, when there are conflicts.
 Zuriel addresses the media on isses
Zuriel is described in the opening monologue of the listing, as the pearl and high point of the list, because of her storied accomplishments at such a young age.
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