For Men: Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend

This particular article is going to be really helpful to a lot of guys so please, keep reading.

Ok, so a lot a guys are fond of making this mistakes that am about to mention in their relationship and yet they wonder why it doesn’t last.

Here are things you should never tell your girlfriend;

1. “Why are you being childish

This word is very offensive, no lady likes to be called a child during an argument, you can easily just let her vent and keep quiet or better still walk away.

2.  “You behave like my ex.”
This is just you being a meanie,  No one wants to be compared to an ex unless the ex is a model.

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3. “You’ve gained weight
You don’t have to rub it to her face that she is getting fat! No girl I mean absolutely no girl likes to be called fat indirectly or directly.

4. “You look really different in the mornings.”
This is kind of insensitive to many ladies. Who even wakes up in the morning looking freshly showered with a full face of makeup?

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