For Ladies: How to Know Where You Stand In His Life

Relationship can be stressful sometimes, thinking of what to do and what not in other not to be the one to start a fight in the relationship.

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However, whether you are the first to start the fight if he truly love you he won’t make a big deal out of it.

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As the saying goes “love is blind” so I guess when you are in love you have to learn to over look some fault.

However in other to know where you stand in his life make sure to do this;

1. If he always ask for sex, like sex is the priority of the whole relationship then run, he only wants your body.

2. If he never apologises after an argument and act like everything is fine then give his space he needs to know your value.

3. Use the “Am Busy ” card on him if he really wants to see you let him come to you.

If he does then just know you are the one, not a sidechick.

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