For Ladies: 2 Ways To Let Your Partner Know You Want Sex Without Actually Saying It

Some Ladies find it so hard to tell their partner when they want sex, they seem to keep it to themselves and preferably not say anything.

As amazing as sex is, we still have some Ladies who can not confidently tell their partner they want them, because they do not want to be seen as corrupt or wild.

Although some guys like wild girls, its still hard to tell what your boyfriend’s reaction will be if you make the first move.

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Worry no more! Here are 2 ways you can tell your partner you want him without actually saying it;

Dress To Impress

When going to your boyfriend’s house it highly advicable to dress sexy and flawless, you should know what your boyfriend is into; short gowns, revealing dress e.t.c.

You don’t expect to dress like you are a character from the movie ‘Sisters Act‘ and expect him to want you sexually.

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A Mixture Of Seduction And A Tip Of Nice Fragrance

OK this part is very essential, when going to your partner’s house try using perfumes that has ; rose, strawberry or sweet wine in it.

The fragrance has a way of turning a guy on with just a sniff.

You can’t be smelling like spoiled fish and expect to get eaten.

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