For Ladies: 2 Life Hack On How To Sustain A Relationship

Maintaining a relationship isn’t , as tough as it may seem, all you need to help you out is in the article so keep reading.

In other to have a long standing relationship you need to know and do the following:

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1. Cut down on your demand

One thing you should know in other for your relationship to work you have to get rid of the ‘my man has to be the one to spend on me’ mentality, because if you don’t you will end up losing him.

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He is not your ATM machine! Trust me he will end up running for his life, no Alexander wants a liability as a woman.

2. Be neat

As they say “Cleanlinessness is next to Godliness” as no guy wants a baby pig in his house!

Learn to clean up properly I mean really well not the my gown is fine and neat but my bra is 2weeks old unwashed.

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