First Time Tattoo: 3 Tattoo Ideas And There Meaning

When trying to get a tattoo for the first time there are something’s you need to know.

As you know, getting a tattoo is surely something exciting but it can also be overwhelming due to the countless options available.

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Well here are a 3 tattoo and there meaning:


The eagle tattoo is not just unique is has a strong message attached to it, whenever the symbol of the eagle is used, it is to show power or dominance. But not only is it a sign of brute strength, but also of knowledge and foresight, and the power that comes with those, too.

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Jesus Christ

Jesus is a part of the Christian religion and getting a picture of Jesus inked on your skin is a powerful reminder of the Christian faith and most especially a reminder of how real he is.


Mountain represent a strong spirit and an unwavering courage, it also means the great journey in our daily life and the high and low represent the many time we have our ups and down in life.