Finally, Singer Rudeboy reveals who is to blame for P-Square split

Nigerian singer Rudeboy has finally revealed who is to be blamed for the split between the P-Square music duo.

P-Square back in the days before their spilt

The fight between Paul Okoye, better known by his stage name Rudeboy, and his twin brother Peter that led to the breakup of their band P-Square before their reconciliation last year was caused by the “devil,” according to Rudeboy.

At a recent event, the 40-year-old said this to a red carpet host.

Paul Okoye responded, “It’s the devil,” when the anchor questioned what caused their six-year separation.

Paul claimed that family issues, not music, were to blame for the rift between him and his twin brother Peter in an interview with media personality Joey Akan that was published on June 27.

Rudeboy claimed that despite the outrage from fans following the breakup, he remained silent and did not speak up because he understood the problem to be a family matter.

He said, “I kept silent. I never said anything. I never said anything, because I knew what the problem was. It was a family issue, and it turned out that P-Square had to pay for it. P-Square was just the sacrifice.”

Rudeboy added that he owes no one an explanation because he loves his family so much.

After years of conflict with Paul and Jude Okoye over P-Square management, Peter went solo.

In November 2021, after returning the favour on Instagram, the couple made up.

They released their first two singles on July 22, 2022, following their reconciliation.

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