Figure Flattering and Functional House Of Jahdara Debuts A New Collection

HOJ is a multi-faceted global womenswear brand aims at providing ‘affordable luxury’- specializing in Ready-to- wear, Couture, Bespoke and Swimwear.

The brand which was founded in 2014 is launching into the Nigerian space with an opening of our brand new lush studio space.

Designer, Adesola Adepoju who is an alumnus of the prestigious South Africa School of Fashion, has a penchant for curating rich fabric accented with embellishments and precinct finishing

House of Jahdara latest collection is a wardrobe fantasy, creating shapes, silhouettes and figure flattering  pieces  with crepe, silk and organza , a mix of bold and solid and pastel colours fitting into every wardrobe function  and body form. Every piece is to have and my favourite piece is the white organza, tulle skirt with the white and yellow detail bottom up shirt, very chic, functional and playful

Photographed by @Ogoh_clem , Styled by Moashystyling , make up by Nara , Model – Chika


Check out the full collection.

House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-39 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-38 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-37 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-36 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-32 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-33 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-34 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-35 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-31 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-30 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-29 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-27 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-26 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-25 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-23 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-21 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-15 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-16 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-17 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-20 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-14 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-13 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-11 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-10 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-6 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-7 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-8 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-9 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-3 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-4 House-of-Jahdara-Lookbook-OnoBello-5


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