Fashion Tips 101: How To Up Your Fashion Game

Being fashionable goes beyond throwing on random attires from your wardrobe. As a man or woman, the first basic thing to know is what suits your body time and how to mix your colours to come up with some amazing looks. Have you been suffering with how to style yourself below are some basic tips you need to know about:

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1. Buy Less but better

this is one basic thing everyone needs to understand. The quality of your wear is a stepping stone to ensure you look clean and classy. Spend money on quality attire that will last long. The better your cloth the more fashionable you will be.

2. Learn Colour Combinations

One major fashion mistake a lot of people make is when it comes to colour choices. It can be a very difficult thing to figure out. Colours can be subtle, sophisticated and used as an accent feature.

But here are a few tips always use complementary colours especially when going for bright colours try using colours opposite each other on the colour wheels like blue and orange, Red and green and so on. Also, always own colours that can go perfectly with bright colours such as black, beige, white and so on.

3. Accessories

Accessories are very important when dressing up there is always a way of giving the needed pop to your look. Invest in good quality ones such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, eyeglasses and so on.

4. Figure out what you want your style to be

Everyone has their preferred individual style when it comes to dressing up and most importantly. It can either be gen-z, minimal look, Street style, Classy, Casual and so much more.


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