Fashion Tips 101: How To Mix High And Low Fashion

There is a thin line between high and low fashion. However, it is important to know the various ways to mix and combine one’s outfit to give the most desirable outcome. Mastering the act of high-low fashion is striking the perfect balance with affordable staples. Here are some looks to create a stylish look that blends both looks perfectly;

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1. Invest In Key Pieces

Invest in quality outfits that will bring out your beauty and create the best blend of both fashions. These pieces should be able to anchor one’s wardrobe these might include; well-tailored blazers, a classic handbag, and high-quality denim jeans, they are worth spending much on because these pieces last longer.

2. Mix High With Low Fashion 

Start by mixing those investment pieces with low pieces. Such as mixing your high-end blazers with a simple t-shirt from a regular brand around you.

3. Focus On Fit And Fabric.

Whether it is high-end or low-fashion, one needs to focus on the fit and fabric of the attire before selecting it. This will determine the outcome when paired together. A well-fitting in-expensive item looks better than a poorly fitting high-quality fabric.

4. Accessorize Well

The use of accessories will always bring out the beauty of every outfit is very important and will ensure your outfit looks well and beautiful.

5. Know When to Spend Your Outfit

Good attire is a very necessary and timeless piece for a fashion-inclined person to add to your wardrobe as an essential.

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