FASHION INTERVIEW: Meet Devon Lee Carlson, The New Face Of Street Style

Devon Lee Carlson, Co-Founder of Wildflower Cases has been spotted at the biggest fashion weeks of the year (think Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Loewe), but you’ll never see her dressed entirely in brand clothing. As interesting as her fashion sense is, it’s also advisable to note that it is because she enjoy an eclectic high-low blend.

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During a street Style interview with Vogue she had this to say:

Can you describe your personal style and your style influences?

My style is fun, comfortable, and really showcases how I’m feeling in the moment. I like to dress based on my surroundings or wherever I’m going. If one night I’m going bowling, but then I’m going to dinner, I’m going to try to find something that works for both of those environments.

I’m very influenced by the ’90s. Jane Birkin is one of my style icons, but I’m also a girl that grew up on That’s So Raven and Lizzie McGuire, so I think it’s just a melting pot of all those things. I love characters where you can really tell their personality based on the clothes they wear without even having to speak or say anything.

What is the oldest piece in your closet and what is your favorite way to style it?

A Hanes, royal blue zip up that I have had since I was probably six years old in elementary school. It fits me perfectly. It’s soft and long-sleeved, a little tight, and it says Maple Mustangs on it with a bunch of stars. I’ll wear it to Pilates, or I’ll even wear it with leather pants and a pointy toed pump and just zip it up. It’s a really versatile piece which is why I think I’ve had it for so long. The graphic is just really cute and special.

Where is your favorite place to shop IRL and online for vintage pieces?

I used to be very strictly an in-person vintage shopper, but I think the pandemic made me explore online shopping more. I love to browse Etsy and eBay and those are my two guilty pleasures. And I love TheRealReal app, I can’t help it, it’s just so addicting.

But whatever town I’m in, I’ll look up consignment stores and vintage stores on Yelp and just walk to the closest one. I’m not picky and will shop anywhere and try to find something no matter what. Maybe it’s just a shopping addiction! But shopping in Paris is my favorite thing, that’s where I get the most staple pieces for my wardrobe. I also buy a lot of fun things in Los Angeles.