Fashion History Sessions: fashion history of the 1800s

This week, we will continue with our fashion history session by taking a look at the fashion of the 1800s.

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A new century and a new world began in 1800. The manner that women wore in 1800 was in sharp contrast to how they dressed a generation earlier since the fashion scene had altered drastically and quickly.

A neoclassical dress with a high waist and light draping muslins had evolved from the wide panniers, conical stays, and figured silks of the eighteenth century.

The chemise dress of the 1780s, worn by powerful women like Marie Antoinette and Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, served as the inspiration for this outfit.

The style of these garments evolved increasingly in response to printed designs, particularly those from Paris, which were popular throughout Europe and eagerly awaited in the countryside.

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Then, seamstresses would make the finest possible interpretation of these patterns. The garments created by the most fashionable individuals—typically those at court—along with their seamstresses and tailors served as the inspiration for the designs.

In the Western world, the high-waisted silhouette had become standard by 1800. After 1800, the most extreme expressions of the Revolutionary classical dress were rarely observed; in fact, those radical trends had hardly ever been observed outside of France. However, neoclassicism remained the dominant style in clothing.

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