Fashion company unveils fit 2 size, ready-to-wear outfit for Africans

Leading fashion brand, The Wardrobe has unveiled an iconic African-centric fashion brand ‘Ade~ Fashioned to-Fit’ to solve the nutty challenge faced by most African fashion enthusiasts with finding Africa fit sizes in ready-to-wear garments.

At the formal launch of the brand ‘Ade’, the Afric Size Fashion brand, at the company’s headquarters on 37 Allen Avenue, the company said it has taken keen notice of the problem faced by many Africans, especially Nigerians when it comes to foreign ready- to-wear which often does not take into consideration Africa unique sizes and shapes, hence the need to bridge the gap with the African-centric brand ‘Ade’ that eliminates the size problem with a perfect fit standard African body size measurement charts.

Speaking at the official launch of the brand, Mrs. Adetowun Awofeso who is the managing director of ‘The Wordrode’ said “Ade is a home-grown fashion brand powered by The Wardrobe Ultimate Concept Limited that seeks to clothe Nigerians and Africans in general, both at home and in the diasporas with high-quality Ready-to-Wear outfits that meet their tastes, African shape, and values. This gives them their true African identity and pride.

“As a fashion business with many years of practice and a truly African business, The Wardrobe has taken the responsibility of creating a home-grown fashion identity that defines our African true figure, fashion tastes, values, and needs.

“Ade pride itself in its vision which is to be the topmost African Ready-to-wear fashion brand in Africa, with a global presence and the mission to design, produce, and retail high-quality fashion items that fit the African body, values, and taste. In doing this, the Proposition is to ensure every African has access to high-quality fashion items that fit them perfectly without needing any adjustment. The target market are the middle income working class African Women and Men of 25 – 40 age grade as well as 40 – 60 age grade. The outfits are for corporate and formal occasions, for matured mind”.

Mrs. Awofeso went further to note that the Covid-19 lockdown had helped to expose Africans and the over-dependence on everything foreign and revealed the almost loss of identity as Africans. She said that having identified this problem of near loss of identity amongst Africans, there came the urgent need for the ‘Ade’ brand to evolve and attempt to redeem the true African identity.

She remarked “one major area of the over-dependence on foreign products is in the fashion industry. Ironically, most fashion products made in Europe or Asia, especially Ready-to-Wear garments, are produced for their figure, taste type, and values and not for Africans. This spurs the need for adjustments on ready-to-wear garments bought outside the country.

Hence, ‘Ade’ as a brand is birthed to take full responsibility for creating a home-grown fashion identity that defines the true African figures, fashion tastes, values, and needs.”

Mrs. Awofeso emphasized that the brand, ‘Ade’ represents and emphasizes perfect fitting, that is, fashion to fit the African shape. By this, the ‘Ade’ brand is set out to fill the void created and solve the struggles of people looking for the perfect shaping and sizes in ready-to-wear fashion.

Hence, one of ‘Ade’s essence is “to ensure clients get their perfect fits and sizes. The key promise of the brand Ade is making available, high quality ready-to-wear garments that fit the African shape. And this it is positioned to achieve, taking cognizance of African unique sizes and shapes,” She remarked.

‘Ade’, as a foremost African fashion brand, seeks to clothe Nigerians and Africans by and large, at home and abroad with high-quality Ready-to-Wear outfits that meet their tastes, African shape, and values. This is expected to give them their true African identity and pride. To achieve this, the brand, ‘ADE’ has develpoed a standard body measurements chart for the African body shape, known as Afric Size Chart. The Afric sizes have been developed into three categories and these are – Afric Size Regular, Afric Size Plus, and Afric Size Minus.

Ade uses the Afric size charts to develop body blocks that have helped to eliminate the challenges experienced by most Africans buying foreign ready-to-wear garments. These challenges are majorly the problem of Bust-Waist-Hip size proportion for the very curvy African shape, the problem of center back length and the right dart positioning, and the problem of shorter back length in comparison to front length because of bigger waist-Hip ratio.

The fashion brand Ade is designed for the liberated African mind who have been delivered from the mental slavery of foreign brands, the African who knows his/her true identity and abilities to use them right, the African who is willing to take charge of his/her destiny, African willing and ready to take Africa out of the wood to a higher level and Ade speaks to every true African.

The birth of Ade and the use of the Afric Size chart in the ready-to-wear garment production in Nigeria is expected to provide succor for Nigerians in meeting their ready-to-wear garment needs, thereby reducing our over dependence on garment importation. This will in effect reduce our demand on foreign currency. This will invariably help to develop the textile industry and the entire value chain in Nigeria.

The company believes, with Ade and the development of many more home grown ready-to-wear fashion brands in Nigeria, we can tackle the problem of unemployment in Nigeria, as it can help reduce unemployment to as much as 30% in our nation, also consider that garment production is a labour intensive industry.

Finally, to enable us reach to more Africans both home and in diaspora, the company has developed a website with complete e-commerce features that enables clients to choose their design and using the body measurement chart to create their unique piece.

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