Fashion Accessories Every It Girl Will Wear This Summer

Fashion has always embraced the maximalism that comes with creativity. However, this is mostly left on the runway and pages of fashion magazines. But the one thing everyone can relate with whether on the runway, magazine pages or Instagram feed is: fashion accessories, especially summer fashion accessories!

This year alone has been filled with eclectic fashion directions like the neon and animal print trends but three of the latest trending fashion accessories is bringing back some normalcy and by that we mean something every fashion lover can relate to.

June 2019: Chioma Goodhair and friends celebrate her birthday aboard a yatch, Paradise Beach Resort, Mykonos

The summer accessories of the moment is what every fashion It girl is wearing right now. From Lagos to Paris, London to New York, these items are the must have pieces to take your look from ‘just fashionable’ to so Summer 2019!


Here are the 3 accessories every fashion It girl will be wearing this summer…

1. Hair Clips – especially beaded ones

Hair clips have been making an appearance everywhere – fast fashion, high fashion, street fashion – literally everywhere. This ’90s fashion trend isn’t even one of those trends without a function. Keeping your hair in place and out of your face in a decorative and attractive manner seems very functional to me, don’t you think?

One misconception about the hair clip is people referring to it as a little childish but it can look totally grown up and chic and we’ve got proofs:






2. White Sunglasses

White sunglasses are selling out in a flash! If you want to jump on any summer trend at all, frames are your best bet. I mean, there’s a reason celebrities like Adrienne Bailon Houghton love them. First, you don’t have to explain why you have them on – sun protection anyone? Secondly, they make you look cute AF and help upgrade your outfits. Need proofs? We’ve got them:







3. Large Sun Hats

It could be quite hard to find the right type of hat for every season but for summer the most important kind is the large sun hat. There are different types of sun hats and if you are already planning a girl-cation, beacation or plain ole vacation you’d love these samples we’ve scouted for you.  It girls like Chioma and Kika Good Hair already know that large sun hats are an absolutely fun and classy way to top off your summer wardrobe.





Photo Credit: IG | AS Captioned



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