Fans Attack Designer, Deola Sagoe For Using White Models For Latest Collection.

In what has to be the greatest backlash in her career, fashion Designer Deola Sagoe is trending on social media right now because of the advert of her latest collection Komole that featured white and foreign models in traditional wears.

Critics are saying that what is the essence of calling a collection African gem if Africans are not the ones showcasing it.

The collection already has celebrity patrons especially brides who wore it for their engagement weddings. Fatima Dangote, Damilola Osinbajo to name a few have won the pieces of the collection for their wedding.

This advert is the opposite of what the designer has been doing with the collection.


Watch the advert below.

Read people’s tweets.


Ayi Bimpe Agbaje@glymspot

Deola Sagoe captioned the ad ‘rare African gem’ there’s nothing African about that ad. This is for people saying she’s trying to diversify. Whites are not African.

Moji Delano@MojiDelanoBlog

Just saw the Deola Sagoe ad people are enraged about because she used predominantly white models for her Komole Kandid iro and buba. At first I was somewhat enraged too because I felt I had seen more Nigerian Women look more stunning in her designs among other reasons.


We like inclusion, but only when it includes only us.

EchoChambers Are Bae by Gene Peterson@EuginhoCortez

If Deola Sagoe succeeds with the high-end market, bigger opportunities will open up in the lower tiers where smaller Nigerian players& less affluent buyers from Europe, Asia& America can trade.

Instead of hyping Deola Sagoe and watching closely for the fallout, they’re acting up


Love the Deola Sagoe ad. She’s expanding her brand to cater for women all around the world. It’s a beautiful concept. Nigerian fashion for all races ❤️❤️❤️


so Deola sagoe wants white and Asian women to be wearing Nigerian traditional clothing? hm


I’m a huge fan of Deola Sagoe. But it would have been so beautiful if she promoted her designs with Nigerian women as well as our Nigerian culture or at least mixed the race. Well, it’s her choice.

EchoChambers Are Bae by Gene Peterson@EuginhoCortez

It’s very striking that supposedly educated and urbane Nigerians have a problem with Deola Sagoe being bold enough to think that she can successfully sell Nigerian couture to Asians and Caucasians.

Hannah Ephraim@tosynshawty

I don’t know why people see Deola Sagoe Komole Collection advert wrongly. Like she is taking brand outside Nigeria and she had to use Caucasian Models so they can see how the cloth will look on them.

King Moles@oluomole7

Did you read the part: ‘gracing every woman across the world’. I think the point is communicating her brand’s vision to reach every woman across the globe. Forget black &white something. Be blind to color. 


Do you think Asian or middle-eastern traditional wedding designers will ‘be blind to color’ and use black models in their ads? Scroll through Deola Sagoe’s page, all her brides are black and she only used one black, non-Nigerian model? It’s nonsense and a big shame.


Y’all have a problem with Deola Sagoe’s Ad, but you don’t have a problem wearing a white dress on your big day. Is that your own traditional outfit too? 😂

AdeDoyin Tella@i_FIX_you

So some people are angry Deola Sagoe is trying to transcend her market; something most old designers did not get and it killed them off.


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