Facebook 101: How to Recover a Hacked Account

Facebook accounts are hacked, and there are three methods to lose control of them. Fortunately, there are steps you can do to regain access to your account.

Account Recovery on Facebook

The first possibility involves allowing a family member or friend to “steal” your Facebook account from your computer or phone. They then consume information, publish messages similar to yours, or befriend random people.

The solution is to utilize Facebook’s security page to see where your account is already logged in. According to The Verge, this list should also remind you of all of the devices on which you have previously used Facebook.

How to Find Out If Your Facebook Was One of the 533 Million Hacked
If you don’t recognize (or don’t use) any of the devices on this list, click the three vertical dots on the right to log out of your account.

Next, create a new password for yourself. Also, remember to sign out of Facebook (and Messenger) before lending your cellphone to anyone in the future.

The second possibility is when someone steals your photo and creates a new account with your name and photo. Then they try to recruit your Facebook friends to their account.

According to Wired, there isn’t much you can do about it other than reassure folks you’re still you and disregard the imposter.

This should serve as a warning if you receive a friend request from someone you believe you have already befriended or from someone with whom you haven’t interacted in years. A word of advice: send them an email or text inquiring if the request is legitimate.

The third possibility occurs when someone guesses your account password and then locks you out.

This is the most serious issue, and how you resolve it will rely on what else you have linked to your Facebook account and how determined you are to get it back.

The problem is that you have someone pretending to be you who could use your identity to get into illegal and uncomfortable circumstances. Not to mention that they may attempt to use bank accounts linked to your account or open credit cards in your name.

Attempt to reactivate your account on your own, using Facebook’s obscure and frequently inconsistent instructions. According to the Washington Post, use a third-party recovery service such as Hacked.com.

This will cost you $249, but the company will be persistent and will return your fee if they are unable to assist you. A year’s worth of digital protection is also included, which would typically cost $99.

Security Measures That Are Proactive

If your Facebook hasn’t been hacked (yet) and you’re feeling a little uneasy reading this, here are some steps you can do to secure your account or, at the very least, lessen your pain points if it does happen. Begin by completing at least one of them today, and make sure to complete all of them as quickly as possible.

First, add extra login security to your Facebook account.

Facebook provides a plethora of perplexing options, but the one that comes highly suggested is to use a two-factor authentication program such as Google Authenticator.

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