It’s no news that the Nigerian modelling Industry is not rated among the top 10 ruling modeling industries in the world today, yet, the Nigerian modelling industry is said to be one of the fast rising under developing countries to quickly acknowledge and accept continuous changes in this field.

These changes that revolves around the modelling industry includes social changes, technological changes, financial changes, educational changes even physical changes and more.

Then again, with great new changes comes new challenges and responsibilities.

The models in this field are the core soul of the industry and must be critically considered during the due process of changes and knowing how they may be affected should be considered priority.

Little to zero percentage of issues concerning Nigerian models are taken to larger scale of pertinent attention with the aim of getting solutions.
Some of these issues can be stated as the lack of legal guildlines, rules and suits against the violation of human rights, sexual misconduct, over labouring, cyber bullying as well as modelling property ownership.

The last of attention to these needs is due to the fact that models in general are viewed to have the best and easiest lifestyle filled with glamour which also covers the hustle and struggles of the Nigerian models.

Shuttling between jobs, acquiring other necessary skill to earn larger income, pursuing other side passion and with all these still expected to maintain good skin, perfect body including constant work to keep relevance as every agency manager wants to present a Kendell Jenner on the runway.

We’ll be exploring the Nigerian modelling industry with the aim of creating a platform where models can freely express themselves, stating their experiences and love for passion.

We’ll do this by conducting beautiful interview moments with the finest of Nigerian models of both genders….






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