Exclusive Interview With Nollywood Actress Chineye Uyanna – My Biggest Challenge In Nollywood Is Playing Sex Roles

Nollywood sexy super talented actress Chineye Uyanna, is one of the most promising Nollywood actresses to look out for in a few more years as she is leaving no stones upturned in daring into taking her career a step ahead of her colleagues in the industry. Chineye Uyanna has worked alongside top Nollywood finest like the likes of Van Vicker, Mercy Johnson, Stan Nze, Uche Ogbodo, Mr Ibu and a host of others too numerous to mention. In an exclusive interview with Chiazor Daniel of Glamsquadmagazine, she opens up about her latest projects, her biggest challenge in the industry and how she plans on setting up her own production company.

What was growing up like for you, did you ever think you would one day end up in the movie industry?

Growing up was fun. It has always been my dream to be on TV. Watching movies growing up.

How has your growing up influenced your career?

It didn’t influence it.

Who were your major influences in the film industry?

Genevieve Nnaji and Muna obiekwe may his gentle soul rest in the blossom of the Lord! Amen

Who sort of stories excite you?

Every story excites me as long as there’s a good lesson to take home am good to go.

Tell us a little about your recent movies in Nollywood and with which directors?

Hmmm house 6, Ulo Isii it has  Igbo n English version and it was directed by Paul Igwe and I must say I enjoyed working with him,  he brought out the best in me. Another one is no bride for dad, bloodline it was directed by Reginald ebere it has always been an honor working with him. riptide, stolen vow, asunder, slay queen, bond with my father, baby mama,  etc crazy love directed by Vincent d anointed it was great with him too and lots of them I must I can’t continue mentioning names.

What is the most important aspect of building a great character?

By reading and understanding the script.

Have you ever been a victim of molestation in Nollywood industry?


What was your biggest challenge in your acting career?

My biggest challenge in  Nollywood is playing a Sex scene.

What’s your background in film, did you go to a film school or you just stumbled on this based on passion?

I didn’t go to a film school.  I stumbled on it base on passion.

How is it like really to be a actor? What’s makes you different or unique from the other female actors out there?

It’s fun being an actor, knowing that some of the roles I play goes a long way impacting in people’s lives positively.  What makes me different is that am me.

How would you rate the Nollywood industry and what is the major problem facing it currently?

I will rate Nollywood 80%  and major problem we are facing piracy.

Now away from movies and Nollywood, let’s talk relationship now. Are you currently in a relationship?

That part of my life is private.

What kind of lady has Chinenye Uyanna grown into now?

A strong and independent lady.

What big project are you currently working on?

Opening my own production company.


Tell us what it takes to be successful in the industry and two of your favorite quotes and advice to struggling talents.

It takes hard work and focus.  My favorite quotes 1. Be true to yourself and 2. Spread love in any way you can. My advice to struggling talent Never give up, believe in your abilities and be open to learning new things.


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