Ex-Chelsea midfielder files for divorce from his wife of 12yrs after DNA test

Geremi Njitap, Former Chelsea and Cameroon midfielder has reportedly filed for a divorce from his wife of 12 years after a DNA test revealed he’s not the biological father of her twins.

Geremi and Toukam Fotso Laurie Verline the daughter of late Cameroonian billionaire, Fotso Victor tied the knot in 2012, four years after she gave birth to the twins in 2008.

The 45-year-old claimed the twins, which were part of the reason they got married, were fathered by his wife’s ex-partner, according to a report by Mimimefoinfos.

Aside from paternity fraud, Geremi in his petition also cited his wife’s rejection of sexual intimacy as a reason for the divorce.

In addition, Geremi Njitap alleges that he has experienced verbal mistr£atment from his spouse, who supposedly dem£aned and ins¥lted him in the presence of their children.

Court documents say she “d£§troyed the harmony” of their marriage “through her abject behaviour”. They also mention her “repeated lies”, and add: “No children have been born from this union.

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