Ex BBAfrica housemate, Roki features Koffi Olomide, Rayvanny in new song, Patati Patata

Zimbabwean music star,  Rockford Josphats better known by his stage name, Roki, has collaborated with other African stars Koffi Olomide and Rayvannny for the release of his long awaited song titled, “Patati Patata”.

Roki, after a long break from the music scene was recently signed under Passion Java records, a deal that revolt and breathed new life into his dormant career.

In a recent interview, Roki explained why he had chosen to do a collaboration with the legendary singer, Kofi,
“As much as I had never met this man, I have always felt like a variant of Kofi Olomide, I saw a lot of myself in him.

“With all that I could gather, this man was greater than myself and having aspired to do so, to finally meet him was such a great honour, it meant the world to me.

“In the 90s rumba music changed from Kwassa Kwassa to Sebene Ngwasuma and during that time, I listened to a lot of his songs which influenced me to make one of my greatest hits, Chidzoka,” said Roki.

Thrilled by the multiple impacts made by the singer, Roki added that he was over-excited; meeting and finally getting to work with his revered role model.

“He is that one person who coloured the planet with his type of music.
“It is an honour that I met and spent time with someone I see as a master and a father figure in the industry.
“Everyone has a collage of people they look up to and in my collage, he takes the most space,” said Roki.

Manager at Passion Java record label who is also Passion Java’s lieutenant, Boss Lashan explained the meaning of the song and what it is all about,
“The title of the song comes from the phrase, ‘Et Patati Et Patata’ which is an informal and kind of fun way of saying someone is running off at the mouth, in short-talking a lot.

“This song is for the people, it’s a dance song which is all about having a good time. life is short everyone should enjoy and what better way than to do so through music?
“This one will surely get you on your feet,” he said.

Boss Lashan went on to explain why Kofi and Rayvanny featured on the song.

“Roki had been idolising Kofi since he was younger and he went to Prophet Passion Java and jokingly said he would love to work with Kofi not knowing that prophet passion would actually make it happen.

“Kofi has had such a huge success in his entire musical career and he is well celebrated in Zimbabwe and internationally by both the old and the young.
“Rayvanny on the other hand is one of the best in East Africa and Africa at large. He has 3 million subscribers on YouTube and quite a huge following on Instagram so with all those numbers combined, we hope to put Zimbabwe on the map.

“The song is already available on all stores and YouTube. All three of them are extremely talented and this song is a bomb. The video is already done and I’m certain people are going to love it,” he said.

Also, Akeju, a director at Prime Music Partners, one of the major distributors of the new song has admitted to not being surprised by Roki’s meteoric resurgence to prominence, while describing the Zimbabwean star as “really special”.

Roki who is currently working on Chidzoka remix amongst other projects will be hoping to enjoy much smooth rise with his new release.

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