mum-childHello my dear readers, before having my first born I would have considered myself very “baby” knowledgeable. I’ve grown up caring for babies, read tons of baby books but until you have your own baby you realize there is a lot to learn from experience and not from reading books or other people’s experiences. Babies have all sorts of stuff going on with them in the first year. Especially newborns – Here is a list of my top things that I didn’t know as a new MUM!

baby acne

1. Baby Acne: You bring baby home and can’t stop starring and touching your little one’s flawless skin and then out of the blue your newborn starts looking like a teenager with raging hormones. Their face gets covered in little zits and bumps. It can spread all over their face, neck, back of neck, chest even arms and legs. I’ll never forget my brother asking “what’s all over the baby’s face?”

Suggestions: Keep the areas dry from milk or saliva. Use sensitive soap such as Oilatum Junior and moisturizer with little or no fragrance. We used Ceptaphil and it helped a little bit but honestly they really just have to grow out of it. It’s from the hormones left in the baby from the mother. It’s not because they are dirty. So don’t try and scrub ‘em.

2. Baby Eczema: Baby Eczema is pretty similar to baby acne and it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference. Baby Eczema is usually rough, dry skin and can appear on their face, neck and body. If you see rashes in their folds of their skin it’s most likely eczema, by folds its in the elbow creases and behind the knees..

Suggestions: Aquaphor. It’s like a Vaseline type substance, some people says it helps others say it didn’t do a thing. It can help the itching though that eczema might cause. If it’s a really bad case talk with your pediatrician because they might be able to prescribe something better. I also used the Oilatum cream as well but it took a good 6- 8 weeks to see any difference.

cradle cap

3. Cradle Cap: This is flaky scalp that is all over the head and it can spread behind their ears, neck and even on their face. These poor kids can not catch a break their first couple months of life.

Suggestions: This worked wonders for me – Olive oil.. Put it on their scalp and let it soak in for about 15 minutes better to do it before giving them a bath at night. Give them a bath and wash it out with baby shampoo. Then after the bath take a soft brush and brush over the cradle crap. You may have to repeat a couple times but this worked best for us!

4. Finger Nail growth: Newborns Finger nails grow so fast I am assuming because they are getting so many vitamins. Their little nails are like razor blades, they scratch themselves and everything around them including mom! Cutting them the very first time is super nerve wrecking. The last thing you want to do is miss and cut a little kitty bitty finger.

Suggestion: Cut their nails when the baby is sleeping or nursing and take your time. Filing with a baby Emory board is the safest method!

Parenting changes you. I expected this, but I didn’t expect just how radically it would. It’s not like you turn into your mom or dad overnight, but your values, perspective, and habits get realigned to one single creature: your child (or your children, if you have more than one).

Finally, remember as terrible and messy as they sound. You’ll discover many new things about yourself as a parent—things that make you stronger, mature and SELFLESS.



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