Esther Ajayi sends stern warning to Nigerian Politicians

Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi, the leader of the Love of Christ Generation Church, has sent a strong warning to Nigerian politicians. The popular clergywoman stated that her place of worship would not be used as a political rallying point.

Esther Ajayi

On Sunday, September 4, Ajayi, who has many friends in the political sphere, will celebrate the first anniversary of her Lagos cathedral.

The clergywoman said on Wednesday at a press conference before the church’s 15th anniversary and the first anniversary of its Lagos cathedral that her friendship with politicians would not cause her to disobey INEC rules prohibiting campaigning in places of worship.

She said, “We have to get ourselves right on this issue; coming to campaign for election is different from coming to worship the creator of the whole universe. It was my very first time seeing Kwankwaso the day he came to my church. Should I send him out of the church not to worship?

“If they come and start to say ‘you have to vote for me’, that is no longer a church service, it is a campaign ground and it is not going to happen here.

“If someone is a candidate and he has been worshiping in a church, won’t he or she go to church again or won’t they go the mosque? We have to know our limits. A church of God must not turn to a campaign ground.”

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