Nigerian Social Media celebrity, Enioluwa Adeoluwa covers MC! Magazine

Enioluwa Adeoluwa, a talkshow host and Nigerian celebrity influencer, is the cover star of MC! Magazine’s inaugural anniversary edition.

The cover star’s journey as Nigeria’s “Beauty Boy” and his ascension into stardom is explored in this issue, titled “Celebrating Journeys: Blooming, Standing Out, and Going Global.”

“He had experimented as many young digital natives do when they are trying to figure out what niche of the internet to adopt as their own native habitat, before his viral moment, a video that distilled Gen-Z gallows humour, a distinct Lagosian snark, a trademark prop (a tube of lip gloss) and a universal problem (figuring out relationships) into a bite-sized 30-second video, primed for the new verticals Instagram and Tiktok were promoting hit mainstream success”, MC! Magazine writes of him.

Enioluwa tells the digital publication, “Maintaining the lifestyle is very expensive… it’s not exactly a fake life, but once you gain a level of popularity you have to give up certain things to sustain the brand that keeps you profitable.”

Get a copy of the new issue on to read the full story.

Story: Edwin Okolo
Photography: Paul Maestro
Styling: Swazzi


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