End SARS! How To Dress For A Protest

Today Nigerian youths are taking the future by the horns, demanding for a better police system.

Across the country, the signs “End SARS, End Police Brutality, We Are Humans Not Criminals” ring across and there is no sign of backing down or stopping anytime soon.

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Various protest groups have been set up across the nation demanding for the complete dissolution of the rogue police unit SARS.

#EndSARS: How To Dress When Attending A ProtestWhen participating in a protest beyond your placards and signs your clothing also sends a message and your stand on the issue.

Grab pieces like a hoodie and sneakers—as comfort is key for long days. Wear your favorite black active-wear leggings to keep you moving freely and a short-sleeve fitted top made from a water-wicking material for air circulation on particularly hot days.

  1. Mask
    The COVID-19 pandemic is still very much in town so you need to protect yourself and stay safe. Police have been asking people at protests to submit pictures of individuals in attendance and wearing a mask helps prevent your identity.

2. Gloves
In case you come in contact with fire or tear gas while peacefully protesting, having a pair of tech knit gloves in your arsenal is beneficial in keeping your hands protected.

3. Drawstring Hoodie

Get a hoodie that’s your right size and provides a slightly snug fit. It should also have a drawstring hood, as it gives you the option to secure your goggles on your head and keep your hair out of the way.

4. Sneakers

Protesting often means a lot of walking so comfortable footwear is a must. But you’ll want to go with a pair of running shoes without any flashy colors, details or logos, so you won’t call attention to yourself.

5. Backpack

A backpack is great for keeping your smaller essentials for the long day ahead. This can include everything from a water bottle, a granola bar and other snacks, to your keys, wallet and first aid kit.

6. Glasses and Goggles

To protect your eyes from flying debris, tear gas and other unknown elements, always have a pair of shield-style glasses at your disposal. For those who wear contact lenses wearing them to protest grounds is a bad idea, so keep them at home.

7. Clothing Without Logos
To protect yourself, be sure to wear something that’s not easily identifiable. If you can’t find any nondescript protest clothing, try wearing them inside out to distort the branding image.

8. Black or Dark-Colored Clothing

Dressing in all black and dark-colored protest clothings help you blend in for security reasons. It also helps you maintain a low-profile both in pictures and in person.

9. Fitted Clothing
Wearing close-fitting garments is essential in case things escalate and you need to remove yourself from the situation. It will allow you to run a lot faster than you would with wide-leg pants and baggy sweatshirts.

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