Empress Njamah’s ex-boyfriend victimised over 20 women – Liberia police chief

According to the Liberian National Police, actress Empress Njamah’s ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Jack Davies, also known as George Wade, has victimised over 20 women, glamsquad reports 



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Wade departed the nation in January after posting explicit videos of actress Njamah on social media.

Wade was seen in handcuffs while being escorted out by security operatives in a popular video on social media on Monday.

During a press conference on Monday, the Liberian Police Chief confirmed his arrest and revealed that 20 Liberian women had filed complaints against the culprit, who operated in Nigeria under the alias Josh Wade and committed a similar deed against Empress Njamah.

“Notorious scammer Nicholas Jack Davis has been arrested and charged several times by the Liberian National Police,” he claimed. Fortunately, he returned to the community after being released on bail and committed the same crimes he had previously been charged with.

“Several complaints have been filed against the 39-year-old, and the suspect has victimised over twenty females.” As a result, he is involved in the theft of their personal items and valuable materials.

“With the recent report filed against him, we launched a robot search, and he was apprehended in Miami Beach while attempting to victimise other females.” There is earlier information of the suspect performing the same thing on an actress in Nigeria.

“He was in the country for about 70 months before committing the crime against the female actress.” We can promise the public that all victims will receive justice, and anyone with more information should go to the Liberian Police Station to record their complaints so that the suspect does not go free.”

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