Elon Musk Speaks Out on What the ‘Path to Tyranny’ Is

Elon Musk is best known for his memeing or trolling tweets, but the Tesla CEO does occasionally speak out on critical subjects. Musk recently posted a statement outlining his understanding of the “road to tyranny.”

Elon Musk Addresses the “Path to Tyranny”

Tyranny in society is a subject that few people discuss. Those who do may have varied ideas and viewpoints on what tyranny means to them.

Elon Musk is one such individual, and the Tesla CEO even posted a message defining the “road to tyranny.”

Musk claims that “If you fear people sufficiently, they will demand that their freedom be taken away. This is the path that leads to dictatorship.” When asked how he thinks people can fight back, he responded with “vote for them.”

Elon Musk raises concerns about the release of 2020 global death rates

The declaration about tyranny was quickly followed by another tweet about global mortality rates in 2020. In another tweet, Musk claimed that it “seems weird that the UN has yet to issue 2020 world death rates.”

Elon Musk’s Twitter feed has been known to be a combination of data and commercial announcements. This is occasionally interspersed with jokes and memes.

What Happened to Tesla’s Public Relations Department?

In other news, a report published on October 6, 2020 by Electrek stated that Tesla is dismantling its public relations department. According to a follow-up report published a few months later by the same source, Tesla CEO said no to establishing a new PR department for the company.

Musk stated in the report that “he doesn’t believe in manipulating public opinion,” which is why he rejected the idea of the corporation reintroducing a public relations department.

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Despite Success, There Will Be No More PR Department

According to the report, Tesla has received greater news coverage in recent years despite having a “relatively small press relations organization compared to even smaller automakers.”

Every day, hundreds of journalist questions were handled by a small team of public relations professionals. According to Elektrek, while the decision made sense while the firm was still in its early stages in 2010, Tesla has since evolved to become a significant carmaker and even the “world’s most valuable automotive company in 2020.”

When It Comes to Journalism, Elon Musk

Tesla is reported to have gone against what is considered “natural evolution,” which requires the PR department developing alongside the firm. It should be noted that Tesla ceased responding to press enquiries in 2020.

Regarding the topic of a public relations team, Elon Musk tweeted that he prefers to follow individual journalists rather than newspapers.

The Tesla CEO stated that any publication will have a diverse spectrum of viewpoints, and that the majority of items published, regardless of the subject, are negative. He suggested that this could be due to fundamental human biases.

Elon Musk then concluded the tweet by saying, “Citizen journalism FTW!”