In his write up published in Vogue.com, he reflects on his upbringing, coming from Africa and his love for fashion. He also touched the new direction of Vogue under his leadership. See excerpts below and the first cover edition of the magazine
”It was in April this year that I got the news I’d been chosen as the new editor-in-chief of Vogue, the 11th in the magazine’s 101-year history. Jonathan Newhouse, chairman and chief executive of Condé Nast International, broke the news to me over lunch in a Midtown restaurant in New York. I remember my first thoughts being of my late mother – who came to this country as an immigrant with my father and their six young children – and how proud she would have been. She was a seamstress and always loved fashion – just as I have always loved Vogue.


December Vogue 2017: Everything You Need o Know


To be trusted with such an iconic title and legacy was overwhelming but really exciting. Having lived and worked off and on in New York for more than a decade, I was pleased to find that the country I’ve returned to is still the place where, as a young man growing up in west London, dreaming of fashion, I could find inspiration on every street. But something else seemed clear to me: these days everybody has a strong opinion about what the next phase of British life should look like. Certainly I do. So I was determined that my first issue of Vogue would be a true celebration of Britain.

But what should such a celebration look like in 2017? This is a country built on tradition, but – much like fashion – one that is forever changing. The time seemed right to redefine what Vogue can mean today. To open it up. So I present to you the British Issue: a tribute to our country and to a group of people who brilliantly represent it, both at home and on the world stage. Whatever your views are on Brexit, there is surely one thing we can all agree on: we are a talented bunch.

We are also diversse. I hope you will be as gratified as I am to note how many of the amazing names featured on these pages didn’t necessarily begin their lives here, or were perhaps born into families who emigrated here a generation or two ago (like my own). Regardless of where they were born or how they got here, however, they all share huge pride in their homeland, with an outlook that is pleasingly global.

First published in vogue.com

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