Edo Decides 2016: Results so far…..

9.27: LGA: Owan West

Number of registered voters: 54,406

Number of accredited voters: 24,487

APC: 12,862

PDP: 10,132

Total votes cast: 23,290

Rejected votes: 1,002

9.27: LGA: Egor

Number of registered voters: 184,296

Number of accredited voters: 49,802

APC: 26,177

PDP: 19,514

Total valid votes cast: 46,728

Rejected votes: 2,811

One polling unit cancelled because of failure to use the card reader.

9.35: LGA: Esan North East

Number of registered voters: 74,293

Number of accredited voters: 27,121

APC: 9,130

PDP: 16,220

Total valid votes: 25,747

Rejected votes: 1,197

Three cancellations due to number of votes cast exceeding number of accredited voters.

9.55: Igueben

Number of registered voters: 42,655

Number of accredited voters: 16,482

APC: 7,802

PDP: 7,560

Total valid votes: 15,506

Rejected votes: 580

Two polling units cancelled.

9.56: LGA: Uhunmwode

Number of registered voters: 62,987

Number of accredited voters: 21,927

APC: 10,911

PDP: 8,667

Total valid votes: 19,971

Rejected votes: 1,759

There was cancellation of results in three polling units due to violence and discrepancy between the number of accredited voters and total votes cast.

10.09: LGA: Esan South East

Number of registered voters: 66,695

Number of accredited voters: 22,522

APC: 9,554

PDP: 11,466

Total valid votes: 21,250

Rejected votes: 806

10.21: LGA: Oredo

Number of registered voters: 273,614

Number of accredited voters: 74,076

APC: 37,612

PDP: 30,492

Total valid votes: 69,401

Rejected votes: 4,311

10.51: LGA: Orhionmwon

Number of registered voters: 102,921

Number of accredited voters: 34,270

APC: 15,262

PDP: 16,446

Total valid votes: 32,213

Rejected votes: 1,788

10.56: LGA: Esan West

Number of registered voters: 87,867

Number of accredited voters: 31,866

APC: 13,114

PDP: 16,311

Total valid votes: 29,963

Rejected votes: 1,563

11.02: The INEC officials have gone on a little recess, temporarily halting the announcement of results.

11.08: Nine local government results have been announced so far. APC wins 5, PDP wins 4.

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