Eddie Murphy’s Son In ‘Coming2America’ Unveiled In Funny New Trailer


Get ready to see Eddie Murphy’s Son in the new Coming2America traler. We have all seen the original trailer for ‘Coming2America’ and if you haven’t you are probably living under a rock.

It’s a shame we are expecting a whole new movie on Africa without any African actors of the likes of Lupita, Idris Elba, John Boyega, or more.

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Expect Awkward African Accents In Coming2America

But at least we get some short cameo appearances by Michael Blackson and a role by South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha.

And as far as Michael Blackson is concerned, his role is not even important enough for them to include in credits across the board nor even be seen in the trailers.

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Pray For Better African Accents

It seems we are set to expect a lot of irregular African accents, hopefully (and we mean that dearly) the comedy will outweigh it.

If not we will simply be watching somewhat of a mockery or some sort of African culture that nobody here lives.

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Coming2America Eddie Murphy’s Son Played By Leslie Jones

For those that saw the original trailer, the were no visuals of Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem’s son. It was simply nothing but a task he was set out to go and find that left us in suspense.

Well, a 2nd trailer is out and the story is more clear. Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) allegedly had some kind of sexual relationship with a lady in America before finally bonding with his wife with whom he had a son, played by Leslie Jones.

Eddie Murphy's Son
Leslie Jones Plays Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem’s Son In Coming2America

New Trailer Unveals More Of The Coming2America Story

His task was to go and meet that lady and bring her and his son to Africa. Watch the new trailer below.

Coming 2 America is an American comedy directed by Craig Brewer, and David Sheffield, and a story by Blaustein, Sheffield, and Justin Kanew, based on characters created by Eddie Murphy.


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