Ebuka’s Style Game Since BAAD

Since the infamous Agbada of the BAAD 2017 wedding, it appears Ebuka has turned into something of a style supernova. I mean lets face it, nobody has a national style moment like he did and doesn’t feel even a little pressure to have some decent follow up looks. Ebuka has made it pretty clear that he is many things and a one hit wonder isn’t one of them. Poetic as it is many of his amazing looks have still been on the BAAD wedding trail. From Jet setting looks to stylish tourist ready looks, your boy has definitely taken things up and notch and he brought some of that high fashion game along with him. He’s been spotting an awful lot of Mai Atafo and Orange Culture, he even threw in a Tzar T-shirt look somewhere in there to remind us that he’s not just suave, he’s a cool kid too.



Afoma Aligbe

Afoma Aligbe is an avid foodie, Pr girl and roving editor with an over 5 years stint in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry. When she's not busy handling Clients or contributing articles, she spends her downtime blogging,eating and jiving to Nathaniel Bassey and Bethel Music