Ebiteinye Tonye Shares Tips on How to Win a Lady’s Heart

Ultimate Love star and body positivityadvocate Ebiteinye Tony has schooled men on how to win ladies’ hearts and the practices they need to give up, using the men in her contact as a case study.

Ebitenye gave this lecture in a video she shared across her Instagram stories, noting that the priorities of the men she’s been meeting with has been about sex, when they are seeing, when she is coming over and the likes.

How To Win Ladies' Heart 101: Ebiteinye Tonye Schools MenAccording to her, asking a woman “when am I seeing you?”, “when are you coming to spend the weekend”, “when are we seeing”, “what did you cook” and the likes are vague and do not hold water. She went further to note that these things, even asking her for sex are not acceptable.

Giving recommendations on how to make a woman fall over faster, Ebiteinye Tony said acts of spoiling like paying for spa sessions, going for dinner and valuable attention like being willing to help in some certain situations will make it easier for a woman’s heart to be won.

Ebiteinye, however, got fired and was criticised heavily, as social media users opine that her suggestions are basically ways to help a man spend his money and nothing more. “Love people for they are” …. But all your proposed idea of ideal love is him spending money on you 😂🤣.. I’m not laughin”, @,ekings042_zy said. Another IG user @mz_elearnor wrote, “You attract what you give🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️add my value to yourself and stop giving such men attention 🚶🏻‍♀️”.

Ebiteinye wouldn’t soak in her reactions ad she took to her Instagram story again to react to the criticisms. “I cannot evencruise in peace again Oh Lordi. I Miss My Privacy I miss the the days I can post anything, and no scared of been carried by blogs. Who sent me to go search for love in An Extra way because if I’m left like this This generation is not it oooo”, she said.

How To Win Ladies' Heart 101: Ebiteinye Tonye Schools Men How To Win Ladies' Heart 101: Ebiteinye Tonye Schools Men