Early Life & Success Story Of Fuji Star, Wasiu Alabi @ Pasuma

Wasiu Alabi Pasuma

Place of birth: Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Nigerian
Profession: Actor


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Wasiu Alabi was born on 27 November 1967, also known as “Oganla”, is a Nigerian film actor and Fuji musician. He was born in Mushin in Lagos state, which he once said, had a great influence on his career. He later grew up in Kwara State in western Nigeria. In 1973, Pasuma enrolled at Muslim Mission Primary School and 6 years later moved to Nigeria Model Secondary School to continue his secondary education. Speaking of his childhood, Pasuma said he went through hell and suffering.


When Pasuma was at tender age, he dreamed of success. Mushin was known as an exceptional place, before Pasuma made it more famous. Pasuma dreamed of becoming extremely popular and it turned to a reality. He couldn’t start his career elsewhere and, in fact, decided he wanted to make a difference.


The artist started singing when he was still in high school. While his friends played sports, he and some of his friends sat apart and sang. In 1984, he started writing songs. The youthful artist was motivated by K1 De Ultimate, who released an album named Talazo 84, well received by fans. Wasiu Alabi realized that if someone could create something like this and turn to a big hit, he could do the same or even something better.

Wasiu started his music career at age 17, but his first album was recorded in 1993. He started working with Eru Owa Records. That’s how his first album entitled Recognition was recorded. It was Eru Owa Records who brought the musician Fuji to the industry. After graduating from high school, the musician unfolded a lot. After the release of the first album, Pasuma’s fame grew within and beyond Mushin.

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The musician’s net worth is calculated at N555 million.