Dries Van Noten Fall-Winter 2023 Collection

Dries Van Noten Fall-Winter 2023 Collection are more than we can imagine as the fashion house released some impeccable colors which only true legend could understand as sheer, leather, furs and high thigh boots were greatly observed.

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It was new-made, of course, but you could follow the thread through the hand-stitched embroidery, like a home-made alteration, which darted in the waist of an overcoat, the frayed edge of a pinstriped blazer, or the slouchy persistence of the oversized men’s coats that women have co-opted since flea market shopping became a thing in their youth.

Van Noten was a designer who went hand in hand with maturation for that generation. The bias-cut devoré ’30s-ish dresses he showed at times reminded me of the long-lost days of ’90s grunge, and how all of that intersected with the rise of the Belgian school of design; Van Noten’s heartland.

Deeper than that, there was an atmosphere of wartime austerity, of making the best of a bad situation; echoes that are currently surfacing across European fashion for all too obvious reasons. In his eveningwear, Van Noten emphasized the message with gilded foiling and flashes of rich brocades.

It wasn’t exactly novel, but that’s not what draws Van Noten’s audience to him. It’s reassuring to know that you might be able to repurchase items in which you’ve always felt at ease. When it comes down to it, that’s a far cry from grandiose theatrics.

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See full collection below;

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