Dress code for King Charles’ coronation will be a massive change to royal protocol – Ex-butler claims

The royal family’s and King Charles III’s coronation clothes will be considerably different, according to King Charles’ old butler, glamsquad reports 


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King Charles and Queen Camilla will be solemnly crowned as the new King and Queen of the United Kingdom on May 6.


Grant Harrold, 45, worked for the King as the Prince of Wales from 2004 to 2011.


“In terms of dress codes, this event will be completely different from Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation,” Grant Harrold told Slingo.

“Traditionally, aristocracy would wear coronation robes.”

“If you look at the Queen’s coronation, you’ll notice that the dukes, duchesses, and countesses all wore these special coronation robes,” he said. “Historically, the aristocracy wore these robes, but this will no longer be the case.”

“For this coronation, most royals will wear suits, not their special robes,” said Harrold, 45, who worked for the King as Prince of Wales from 2004 to 2011.


“This is a significant departure from royal protocol.” “The senior members of the royal family decide on royal etiquette and dress code — they’re always changing etiquette because they’re the ones who decide all the changes that will then be accepted as another part of royal protocol,” he explained.


Harrold also stated that he believes the female royals will wear dresses on the big day.


“I believe the ladies will be dressed in dresses.” “They may wear ball gowns for the evening event, but they will obviously wear something very smart during the day,” he predicted.


“I don’t think the Princess of Wales, the Duchess of Wessex, or the Duchess of Edinburgh will be seen wearing tiaras.” I don’t think we’ll see it in the dress code because I believe the emphasis will be on day wear, demonstrating how relaxed the dress code is for the occasion.”


Kate Middleton recently previewed her coronation gown, revealing that it will contain a “hint of blue.”

“There is no doubt about that. “I also believe the King will wear a crown during the ceremony,” he continued.

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