Don’t Ever Compare Naira Marley to Fela; Dede Mabiaku Warns

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Veteran Musician and producer, Dede Mabiaku has described the comparison between Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley and the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, as inappropriate.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports in a recent interview, Mabiaku slammed fans who described Naira Marley as a rising Fela, adding that it trivalised the essence of Fela’s struggles.

He said, “I hear a lot of people comparing that young man to Abami Eda, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Why are you trivialising the essence of your matrys?

“Why are you bringing down Fela Anikulapo Kuti? Why are you rubbishing the essence of him in this corridor of nothingness? The boy, was he right in doing what he did? Ask yourself.

“Because everything he (Fela) did was based on enlightening the people, wake up the minds of the people for the development of the society the right way with respect and regard for our cultures and traditions,” he said.

Mabiaku also addressed the internet fraud menace which Naira Marley was entangled with. In May, the singer was remanded in prison following a police investigation linking him with internet fraud.

According to Mabiaku, internet fraud was not justifiable in any form, even for reparation which fraudsters often refer to as a defence.

He said, “The typical African culture and tradition teaches you not to steal or do tricks to rip off the next man of what is duly his.

“Some people are talking of reparation. You come out and stand up to say ‘this is what my rights are. You denied me of my rights and I want them back and by law and by rights, I am going to fight for it’.

“And you duly fight for it, not sneak through the computer to carry people’s money and do yahoo or 419.

“And you come and relate yourself as the same with Baba? We should be careful the kinds of things we say lest the future holds us for account.

“We must be careful and that young man should now desist from letting his colleagues make him look like he is a Fela wannabe because of the situation he has gone through. No, you are not a Fela.

He also said that fraudsters made no efforts to build the society especially as they claim to seek revenge for the society by ripping off other people.

He said, “How many of the young boys who have done this yahoo thing have invested back into the society the right way.

“If you say it’s because your right you are doing it, then a group of you should come together, invest in a business where you have young researchers and a young team to make agriculture grow, the build a school, a hospital.

Mabiaku also slammed the ‘soapy’ dance as immoral and unafrican. He further bemoaned the rate with which culture and regard for values have eroded.

NAN reports that following his prison stint, Naira Marley released ‘Soapy’, song and dance which mirrored male masturbation.

The dance has drawn several criticisms from fans and celebrities alike including Guinness world record holder, Kaffy who described it as ‘appropriate’.


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