Dolce & Gabbana Women Summer 2016 Collection.

The Italian brand known for its unique use of colours, motifs, florals Fruits  and baroque to create fabulous designs , paying tribute to their birth country and women with their designs. Their 2016 summer collection is split into 10 categories to make a fictional wardrobe for every woman


Top Model

Reminiscent of the iconic looks worn by some of the most famous faces of the 90s fashion scene, a white tee, denim, or an little black dress are never out of style.

Spring Time in the city

Focused on a 50s and 60s feel, this daywear collection is a directional and fashion oriented addition to the contemporary working woman’s wardrobe.

Carretto  Siciliano

Perfect for a beach getaway, the Carretto Siciliano prints in bold colours convey the essence of Sicily and Summer.


Embroidered or printed on accessories and shift dresses the floral theme of the Summer 2016 collection is the daisy, beautiful in its simplicity.

Sparkling Night

Embroideries, flowers and Swarovski crystals embellish pretty dresses, separates and accessories inspired by the glamour of the Great Gatsby era.

Italian summer

Citrus fruits and wildflowers are a true symbol of Sicilian summer, and a key element of  the brand’s identity.


The return of the trousers suit hails a return of masculine / feminine dressing. A capsule of suits which are as feminine as they are sharp.

Sicilian Heritage

Inspired by the timeless look of the Sicilian woman, black lace and the ubiquitous little black dress


Interpreted in ready to wear and accessories in bright hues, reminiscent of the charming colours of the rainbow using the lace fabric.


Floor length gowns with timeless silhouettes make for an elegant statement with sequins, flower prints or classic black and white styled with statement head species and accessories.

dolce-and-gabbana claretto siciliano dolce-and-gabbana topmodel1 dolce-and-gabbana sartorial dolce-and-gabbana Daisy dolce-and-gabbana Italian Summer jpg dolce-and-gabbana Lace2 dolce-and-gabbana sarkling night dolce-and-gabbana top model dolce-and-gabbana Sicilain Heritage dolce-and-gabbana Sicilain Heritage1jpg dolce-and-gabbana spring time






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