“Do not let me humble you”– YhemoLee replies Carter Efe


YhemoLee, a well-known musician and socialite, responds to Carter Efe after being criticized for thinking less of skit makers.

YhemoLee had earlier come under fire from Carter Efe for saying that he earns more than skit creators do from seven videos in one night.

He insulted their labor and treated them with contempt, and Carter Efe struck out at him. He had stated that he had produced seven videos and earned $50,000.

YhemoLee replied Carter Efe by displaying a screenshot of a page that listed the amount (about 7.1 million) he receives as commission from a nightclub.

He claims that the sum is significantly higher than what Carter will make in six months from the endorsement.

He clarified that what he had stated at Cloud Africa wasn’t intended for him; rather, he was simply discussing how nightlife is more lucrative.

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