News of the unclaimed Millions found in the Nigerian apartment in Lagos has made its rounds in the US Celebrity circles. Legendary rapper DMX just posted on his blog hours ago about it.


The funny thing about it is that whistle this unclaimed loot has been making rounds in the Nigerian social media circles because of the sheer size of the money and the fact that no one is yet to be identified as the owner is setting a new trend tagged ‘Whistle blowers’ in our Nigerian online community.


The rapper posted it from the perspective of Americans getting Spam emails from Nigerian senders claiming they are a Nigerian Prince and they have Millions of Dollars in their possession they want the recipient to help them move into their country with a promise of making them rich. This is the popular 419 email advanced fee fraud which we popularly term ‘yahoo yahoo’.


DMX’s blog post however is giving credence to these yahoo boys. His post was titled ‘Nigerian Prince REAL?! $43 Million Found In An Upscale Nigerian Apartment’. And if you read further it says it makes them regret deleting the emails they have been getting from the fictitious Nigerian Prince.


This post however gives credence to yahoo boys who might just be getting more customers because of this new endorsement. See link to his blog post here;


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