DJinee is BACK!

Do you remember Djinee *whose real name is Osayamwen Nosa Donald)? The sweet soul singer who released the ‘ego’ track that got many blown away. Yes, the same guy in ‘Over killing it’.

Well after a long time in the works and working underground, he is back and this is what he had to say in a recent interview about his come back venture.
“We are trying to push forward an agenda and Djinee Rush is my own avenue to do my own concert by my own rules. Around the world, everybody is leaning towards live music and I’m a creative person before I’m a business man.
“But definitely you will see Djinee in his elements. I will be baring it all. for me, it’s easier to play live because I can twist the music the way I want and the audience reaction is different. One way to be a better artiste is by playing live music.
“This concert is one of the offshoots of those performances. I found out that people wanted to see me perform. People want to hear me sing. At some point in my career, I found out that I wasn’t really happy with the music I was doing. So I decided to take some time off. And I’m back now. I’m wiser and more matured. It has taught me a lot,” the Ego crooner further stated.

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