Disadvantage of wearing G string regularly

Wearing a G string has it disadvantage and it seem to overtake the advantage sometimes.

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When wearing a thong you should consider the size, how frequently you wear it and the quality of the g string.

The quality of the thong is actually important because if it’s cotton then you really don’t have much problem but if it’s net that removes easily then you should be worried.

When the piece gets into your vagina it could result to something else, See some disadvantage of G string;

Yeast infection
According to a study, thongs have the capacity of increasing the chances of getting a yeast infection because of extra moisture built up from the tight fit. A manufacturer of a medication used for the treatment of yeast infections, Vagisil, affirmed that thong ought to be avoided because it causes yeast infections.

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Reactions of the skin
These are some of the results gotten from wearing g-string: chafed skin, irritation and infection. Chafed skin results when the thong rubs the sensitivity of the skin. This can get infected and become very painful if not quickly noticed. The clitoris can also become irritated from the friction of the thong

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