Did you Experience the Experience?

Like the previous years the 2016 edition of gospel concert, The Experience was a success having taken place at its usual Tafa Balewa Square, Lagos Island, last Friday.
The show featured electrifying performances by leading Gospel musicians like Don Moen, Cice Winnans, Donnie McClaukin, Gabriel Ezenachi, Midnight crew, Travis Greene, Frank Edwards, Chioma Jesus, Tope Alabi and a host of others ministering with melodious voices despite cultural diffrences.
The evening started with ministration by the House on the Rock choir at about 6pm and progressed into soul stirring performance by Onos, Eno Michael, Sammie Okposo, and Segun Obe.
The crowed was stunned when Don Moen joined Frank Edwards on stage to perform their duet where Don Moen took some lines in the song in Igbo dialect. Moen however returned to the stage for his full musical ministration as he left no stone unturned when rendering heartfelt worship at heaven’s gate with the audience.
Donnie McClaukin also wowed the crowd during his performance when he sang in Yoruba. His Yoruba pronunciation was so smooth that one wouldn’t think the song was coming from an American.
Convener of the concert, Pastor Paul Adefarasin was unrepentant in his resolve to preach the gospel of Christ, hence the theme “Revealing Jesus”. His love for a better Nigeria could be felt from the various sessions of prayers through pastors from different churches.
“Every Christian ought to be multidimensional with political, economical, social, and spiritual influence. Christians should get involved in governance! Our nation deserves not the worst leading the rest but the best serving the rest,” he stated.
The Experience continues to provide a platform for Small and Medium Scale businesses to thrive which was obvious in the impact it had on the economy of the state, from the activities that went on at different corners of the TBS ground.
It was around 4am when Chioma Jesus took over the stage where she led audience in a ground shaking rumble of praise while Tope Alabi ended the concert with energetic performance and songs of praise and worship till about 5am when the show ended.

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