Denrele Edun opens up on his battle with stroke (video)

Denrele Ẹdun

One of Nigeria’s foremost media personalities and actor, Denrele Edun has opened up about his battle with a stroke.

In an interview with Channels Television, the crossdresser disclosed that he was severely ill at the time due to having suffered a stroke. Despite the stroke affecting half of his face, he remained resolute in continuing his work.

He revealed that his face drooped on the right side, causing water to spill out of his mouth whenever he drank. Edun also experienced difficulty breathing and seeing clearly, alongside hair loss at the front and paralysis in his right leg.

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Despite grappling with the illness, he recalled a time when a friend invited him to a movie shoot. Despite his condition, he felt compelled to attend because he disliked making excuses and didn’t want to be pitied.

”I was very sick at a time, so I had just come out of having a stroke on half of my face, it’s never happened before but it still didn’t stop me or it didn’t deter me from working, my face dropping on the right side anytime I have to drink water it would pour out of my mouth one eye was wide opened I couldn’t hear and breathe”.

Glamsqaud Magazine recalls that Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme sometime last year opened up on why he took a break from the movie industry, revealing that he was battling Bell’s Palsy.

Comparing the infection to a stroke, Chidi revealed that it impacted one side of his face, rendering him unable to make public appearances as an actor.

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